• Landscapes

    • A landscape covered in a surrealistic ambiance - a sunset is is falling over untouched mountains and plains.
      Kulta, 2010-03-17T12:00+01:00
    • A precipitous terrain veiled by an abstract atmosphere. A low-set sun causes long shadows casted by harsh rocky shapes, which causes a stark contrast with the bright atmospheric perspective.
      Kulta, 2010-03-25T12:00+01:00
    • A clear, gradient-like blue sky hovering above a snow-covered highland.
      Snowy landscape, 2010-05-28T12:00+01:00
  • Abstract 3D

    • Organic, flower-like shapes with a metallic-like texture.
      Impulse, 2017-12-06
    • Graffiti inspired piece with organic shapes embodied by a glasslike material.
      Lucent, 2016-06-11
    • Graffiti inspired piece with organic shapes embodied by a glasslike material.
      Lucent, 2016-06-07
    • Bone-like shapes forming an interesting composition.
      Skeleton, 2020-01-09
    • Gritty, out-focus imagery of eery 3dimensional objects
      Mecha, 2018-05-08
    • Abstract 3D work featuring organic shapes, in a under-lit rainy environment.
      Downpour, 2013-09-13
    • A sharp object covered in a dark ambiance.
      Perish, 2011-05-28
    • Sharp, spiky object falling apart in a dark ambient space.
      Perish II, 2011-05-28
    • A surrealistic space mixing 2d and 3d elements. The subject is an abstract mash-up of metallic-textured shapes.
      Next Level, 2010-12-17
    • Organic shapes in a dark ambiance. Fluorescent lights self-illuminate the shapes.
      The Fall, 2018-05-24
    • Black and white striped chaos of geometries mashed together.
      The Installation, 2013-11-22
    • A piece inspired by graffiti artist DAIM.
      Urbanize, 2010-10-18
    • Abstract organic shapes in a cold colour palette.
      Vibrant, 2019-01-23
    • Explosive composition that features various car parts.
      Wheelie, 2013-09-26
    • Abstract piece exploring colour combinations.
      Duality, 2020-06-05
    • Graffiti inspired work on a beach-setting.
      Freestyle, 2011-06-05
    • An abstract chrome-like construction featuring a mix of sharp and fluid shapes, emerging from a dutch meadow.
      Dutch Flower, 2010-09-26T00:00+01:00