I am a London based Front-End developer with a big passion for art & design.

I have been building unique digital experiences since 2010. My tech stack of choice is (P)React with SCSS.


Languages & Tools

  • HTML

    The semantic, accessible kind.

  • CSS

    PostCSS, SCSS, CSS-in-JS

  • JavaScript

    ES6, ES7+, Node.js, TypeScript

  • Frameworks

    React, Vue, Polymer, LitHTML, Svelte

  • Graphics

    WebGL/2, ThreeJS, PIXI, PaperJS, GSAP, Anime, Lottie, Processing, P5, MaxMSP

  • Experimental

    WebAudio, GLSL, Machine Learning, DialogFlow, Physical Computing

  • Environments

    Node.JS, Firebase, Netlify, AWS, GCP

  • Tools

    Gulp, Webpack, Rollup, ESLint, Prettier, Git, WebStorm, FFMpeg, Blender, Cinema 4D, imagemagick

  • Testing

    Jest, Mocha, Enzyme, Jasmine, Cypress

  • Other

    PWA's, WCAG, JSDocs, Electron, UX, Jinja2, GIS



  • I strive for that sweet 60 frames per second. Or perhaps even 120?
  • World Wide Web, not Wealthy Western Web.
  • I play video games for “research”.
  • Currently based in London, UK.
  • I showcased “digital art” & “installations” at galleries around europe.
  • Designing and developing for the web since 2010.
  • I got a selfie with Grandmaster Flash,
  • Majora's Mask is my all-time favourite game.
  • Big fan of Ryoji Ikeda.
  • I do not give a FOUC. ha ha get it?
  • I know my way around Cinema4D.
  • This site is a PWA.

Pim de Wit